Our services

Moving Assistance

We are here to guide and assist you in the creation of your company or in the development of your subsidiary company.

Incorporation of companies and administrative duties

We place at your disposal our knowledge of specific taxation by State, the various types of US companies, and administrative approaches in order to optimize your project.

Corporate address for your business

Don’t have an address for your business? We provide you with ours.


We provide our customers with all related services concerning financial statements, payroll, as well as the periodic financial reports within the deadlines.

Immigration Business Plan

It is a major key component to obtain your visa, prepared according to the strategy of your lawyer of immigration for the submission of your file.

International taxation and tax planning

We deal with your personal and professional tax declarations, with expert advice in tax optimization.

Due Diligence

The acquisition of a goodwill is often the result of a life plan. It is crucial to have the communicated financial information and displayed profitability certified . We suggest a price range from it based on the audited accounts, and generate a reasonable purchase price which will enable you to amortize your investment within acceptable periods of time.

Real Estate companies

Florida is well-known to be the “El Dorado” of real estate, as well as other states in America. We are here to help you structure, protect, and optimize your investments.